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Cinnamon Toast 12ml

Cinnamon Toast 12ml
Cinnamon Toast 12ml
Cinnamon Toast 12ml
Cinnamon Toast 12ml
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Cinnamon Toast 12ml

Temp: Cool, Opaque

Base: Brown/Red - Organic

Tip: Recommended as a full lip application. Can also be used as a lip liner or mixer/additive. Use to maximize companion lip colors within the LI Pigments brands. Blend with other shades when an earthy tone is the desired color. Add Blue Gone for warmth. This color can also be used in nipple/areola procedures. Refer to the ‘Areola & Skin’ section of the CIC.

Note: This color contains Titanium.

Forever Lips are a series of lip pigments produced from organics which are brighter, more vibrant, longer lasting and made as a highly concentrated formulation.
The Forever Lip pigments are an exclusive Li Pigments product.
Forever Lip Pigments can be mixed with Li Pigments Aqua & Velvet Lip Colors.

The Forever Color Series consist of the following:
• Highly concentrated
• Maximum color intensity in every drop
• Long-lasting; minimal touch-up required
• Creamy consistency
• Unique formulation for easier skin penetration
• Organic based pigments; pre-mixed Titanium Base & Titanium-Free colors
• No evaporation or splatter
• Gamma-Sterilized
• Unique, controlled dropper tip to dispense even drops of pigment every time
• Widely used in medical and cosmetic industry
• Made in the USA
• Meets all EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1 Stringent guidelines

Li pigment colors reformulated from the FDA, FD&C, and D&C colorant listings. These safe, concentrated formulas provide consistent and superior coverage that a technician can depend on. They are highly concentrated so the color retention is superb, they are easy to use and they remain true to color so they age beautifully. Li Pigments is the pigment line the artist can depend on and that is why top artists from all over the world choose Li.

Although we did our best with the swatch colors, they are not a true depiction of the color stated.

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