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Same great color in the Velvet formulation

This is a glycerin base formulation. It is of the same concentration of Aqua. It also has a cream base; creamier than the Aqua because of the carrier and manufacturing processes. This formulation works very well with all different types of machines. However, it does work best with the hand method due to it being a thicker consistency. Velvet is a popular choice for those performing the Micro-blading technique do to the fact it stays wet longer due to the glycerin base. Beginners tend to work slow at first and therefor may also prefer the Velvet formulation due to it will stay wet longer. Some techs find it too thick for machine use especially if a single needle is being used. Aqua is NOT a quick dry formula but Velvet will stay wet longer due to the added glycerin. Velvet works well on all skin types; however, it does NOT work as well on oily skin types because of the glycerin base. Due to the added glycerin in Velvet and the fact Li uses an expensive high grade, Kosher, Vegan glycerin…Velvet is more expensive than Aqua.

Temp : Cool-1

Light to Dark Value: 2

Base : Warm Yellow & Green Inorganic & Organic

Suggested Use : This is a beautiful well balanced medium blonde brow color for Fitzpatrick I-III skin. Breve has a slightly warmer base than Creme Latte. Can lighten by adding Sahara or Lighten Up. To darken add Hazelnut. To warm up add 24 Carat, Blonde or Autumn Gold.

Fitzpatrick Classification Scale

Fitzpatrick I
Skin Color | White; very fair; red or blond hair; blue eyes; freckles
Characteristics | Always burns, never tans

Fitzpatrick II
Skin Color | White; fair; red or blond hair; blue, hazel, or green eyes
Characteristics | Usually burns, tans with difficulty

Fitzpatrick III
Skin Color | Cream white; fair with any eye or hair color; very common
Characteristics | Sometimes mild burn, gradually tans

Fitzpatrick IV
Skin Color | Brown; typical Mediterranean caucasian skin
Characteristics | Rarely burns, tans with ease

Fitzpatrick V
Skin Color | Dark Brown; mid-eastern skin types
Characteristics | very rarely burns, tans very easily

Li Pigments New Colors

¹Neutral signifies no substantial temperature bias. However, all color results are dependent upon skin undertones.

Cool and warm designations indicate the basic temperature bias of the pigment’s undertone.

²A temperature designation does not necessarily indicate absolute cool or warm properties; rather that the primary bias leans toward either cool or warm. There are different degrees of cool and warm. Some cool pigments may be only slightly bias to cool or warm,

Some may be very cool or warm. Each technician must work with L/I pigments and the client’s individual skin undertones to determine the appropriate temperature bias of the correct pigment selection for each client.

³Note on color descriptions: The second word describes the most influential Hue; the first word describes that color’s influence.

Example: brown-BLACK signifies the color is mainly black but has a brown influence.

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