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PMU Supplies

Permanent Makeup Supplies

MEI-CHA is a micro pigmentation company located in California, specializing in developing premium permanent makeup devices, pigments, and supplies. The company was founded in 1983 by two sisters, Ms. Lin and Ms. McKinstry. MEI-CHA is the loving product of their creativity, knowledge, and passion for beauty. We want to continue creating innovative products for technicians all over the world.

We now have our own fully certified laboratory in Asia and an international headquarters in Irvine to serve customers worldwide. We work with skilled technicians and engineers to deliver products that are unique and thoughtful. All products are supported by research in the areas of quality, safety, and innovation.

MEI-CHA is driven by a mission to supply technicians with the tools necessary to deliver the best permanent makeup experience for their clients.

Basic Color Theory For Permanent Makeup

Basic Color Theory For Permanent Makeup from Nikki Van Gend on Vimeo.

This is a 2h30min session to learn everything you need to know about PMU color theory. You can use this knowledge for any pigment range you are using. It starts off with the basic concept of the color wheel and moves on to more complex correction issues as well as pigment composition. Undertones are explained in depth: Pigment and skin undertones. The last section tells you a bit more about Li Pigments: The different ranges available and how to use the color charts. *This is the only item available for international sales and is an item that can be downloaded from anywhere in the world. Paypal option is available for this item only.


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Barrier Film Roll

Barrier Film Roll..

Barrier Tubing Roll

Barrier Tubing Roll..

Basic Color Theory For Permanent Makeup

Basic Color Theory For Permanent Makeup from Nikki Van Gend on Vimeo. This is a 2h30min sessi..

Brow Marker Pen

a Brown colored marker used before pmu procedures. This is not a permanent marker and can be wiped o..

Foot Pedal for Sapphire Pro

Foot pedal for Sapphire Pro series...

Gum Guard

Gum Guard..


This is a topical anesthetic cream for any permanent makeup area. Used on closed skin, before the pr..

Machine Tips

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Machine Tips Flat

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MEI-CHA Blue Ice pH7 Topical Anesthetic

Gel based, use after opening skin, contains epinephrine that reduces swelling, bruising and bleeding..

MEI-CHA Eye Max Topical Anesthetic

Pre-Procedure. Contains 5% Lidocaine PLUS a pH of 7. This unique formula is made specifically for ey..

Meicha Sapphire Pro Machine

The Sapphire Pro™ with its innovative design and stainless steel casing is lightweight and easy to m..

Meicha Sapphire Pro Machine Kit

The Sapphire Pro™ with its innovative design and stainless steel casing is lightweight and easy to m..

Micro Brush Dispenser

Micro Brush Dispenser..

Micro Brush Refill

Micro Brush Refill...

Pigment Mini-Mixer ONLY

Battery operated pigment mini-mixer with (1) Mixer Rod. Instrumental in maintaining pigment consiste..

Pigment Mini-Mixer ROD 20 Pieces

20 Mixer Rods, individually packaged and sterilized. Instrumental in maintaining pigment consistency..

Pigment Mini-Mixer Set

Pigment Mini-Mixer Set. Set includes: (1) Mini-Mixer (battery not included) and (20) Mixer Rods. Min..

Pigment Ring (metal)

Pigment Ring (metal)..

Sapphire 1 Prong Needle

Individually packaged and designed for one-time use, this disposable 1-Prong Needle is for use with ..
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