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The Micro-Edge line of selective inorganic & organic colorants is creamy in texture with minimal drying properties which make them ideal for eyebrow micro-stroking procedures. This line is designed for the cosmetic tattoo artist who has experience in the micro-stroking technique, as well as experience working with organic and inorganic pigments. The experienced technician will achieve a natural appearing, true-to-color, healed version of micro-stroking shades and can rely on the high quality and safety of the pigment.

The Micro-Edge line includes nine (9) pre-neutralized pigments and one (1) corrector/additive. This line offers selective inorganic and organic colorants as a base and greatly increased concentration levels that will result in consistent, long-lasting color. The LI Pigments color identification chart (CIC) will provide all additional color information.


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Brown Cafe 15ml Micro-Edge

A well balanced red-brown brow color. Use on Fitzpatrick III–V skin tones. TIP: Lighten with..

Butterscotch 15ml Micro-Edge

A well balanced dark golden blonde brow color. Use on Fitzpatrick II–IV skin tones. A stand-alon..

Chocolate Cognac 15ml Micro-Edge

A medium to dark elegant brown color. Use on Fitzpatrick IV-VI skin types. TIP: Favorite com..

Eclipse 15ml Micro-Edge

This is a very dark brown-black color. On Fitzpatrick V-VI skin types this color may heal to the..

Golden Blonde 15ml Micro-Edge

A light to medium golden blonde color. Has a slightly cooler base. Appropriate for most Fitzpatr..

Milk N Honey 15ml Micro-Edge

A neutral to slightly warm light brown color. Appropriate for most Fitzpatrick I-III skin types...

Rum N Rasin 15ml Micro-Edge

A beautiful brown that has a red/yellow base. Good for Fitzpatrick III-V skin types with cooler ..

Tamarind 15ml Micro-Edge

A light to medium brown color. Use on Fitzpatrick II–IV skin tones. TIP: A stand-alone color..

Teddy Bear Brown 15ml Micro-Edge

A rich dark brown with warmth added. Use alone on Fitzpatrick III-VI skin types (may need to add..

Warm IT 15ml Micro-Edge

A warm orange color with slight yellow undertones. TIP: A warm color formulated specifically for..
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